About me

Potacci is an Italian eclectic singer/songwriter who, in his long artistic career, has made himself known under several pseudonyms (Brans Pardurich, Paganini, Esco etc). He perfected his artistic training at the C.E.T. (school founded by Mogol), being a pioneer in his courses of composition and interpretation although his musical preferences are essentially based on brit pop (David Bowie, Freddie Mercury), black funky (Jamiroquai and Stevie Wonder) and, on his most intimate side, he’s inspired by Bjork. In his new project, his musical course is totally different: it’s an electronic pop with large doses of irony, sensuality and surrealism.

Potacci wants to return to its musical origins, to the sounds of the 80s but with a current perspective. Since 2008 he lives in Madrid, where he discovers Latin American rhythms and the classical music.

“Potacci” is a dialectal word of Venetian origin (or from the Marche region?). It almost certainly derives from the French potage and is mentioned by the writer Natalia Ginzburg in her book Family Lexicon (1963). That’s why his concept of music is a mixture of words, images and emotions.